H Plus Son TB14 Wheels 28 Hole Polished With Craftworx High Flange Hubs

H Plus Son TB14 Wheels 28 Hole Polished With Craftworx High Flange Hubs

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Although it seems like a long, long time ago, box section rims were the norm. Look back at pictures of Eddy Merckx and you see rims that look very different to what we are used to today.

If you are looking at resurrecting that old steel beast in the shed, looking for something special or that new build, or just want wheels that ride beautifully, the TB14's are just what you are looking for.

Every bit a classic looking wheel set, these are very much a modern masterpiece with materials, design and manufacturing that just wasn't available back then, these wheels look the goods, but ride so much better.

The rims have a perfectly machined braking surface for consistent braking, eyelets and there is also a very cool laser etched badge over the valve hole for that classing look.

This model also has high polished rims with mirror finish for a spectacular wheel set that will make you want to hang you bike in the lounge room when you are not out riding!

These wheels are hand built by Craftworx in Brisbane using their decades of expertise and amazing workshop.


Rims - H Plus Son TB14 Rims 28 Hole High Polished Silver

Hubs - Craftworx Limited Edition High Flange 28 hole hubs with Sealed Japanese bearings - Shimano

Spokes -  Silver Stainless Steel

Nipples - Brass silver

Hand Built by Craftworx

Weight - F - 831g R - 931g Total - 1762 grams


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