H Plus Son Archetype Rim Silver Braking Surface
H Plus Son Archetype Rim Profile, H Plus Son Australia
Archetype Rim, H Plus Son Australia

H Plus Son Archetype Rim Silver Braking Surface

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H Plus Son Archetype Rim

Our H Plus Son Archetype road rims are manufactured to our exacting standards using our patented Hybrid alloy creating a rim that is strong, light and durable. Fit and finish is everything you expect from H Plus Son, in a word, immaculate.

Our 23mm wide platform has proven to be the ideal rim width for modern road bikes and has now been copied by leading wheel and rim manufacturers the world over. When riding, the benefits of this wide platform design is immediately evident, improving cornering stability and power transfer. It also works perfectly with 25mm and 28mm road tyres, the choice of most road bike manufacturers.

The brake surface is precision machined for enhanced stopping power. We anodise Archetype rims after machining.

This limited edition version is a little different to the standard Archetype. While the same process is employed in making them, the order changes.

Typically the Archetypes have the braking surface machined and then it is anodised. This anodised coating will wear back to the alloys natural colour over the first few months.

This version is machined after the black anodising is applied leaving a beautiful silver braking surface.

Colour: Anodised Black with a silver machined braking surface 

Applications:  Road


470 grams
G609 Alloy
25 mm
23 mm
Invisible Welded
595 mm
Braking Surface:
Machined after anodising



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