H Plus Son Archetype Wheels 28 Hole Polished Rims

H Plus Son Archetype Wheels 28 Hole Polished Rims

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Long regarded as one of the best rims on the market, the H Plus Son Archetype offers wheel builders the opportunity to build a strong, light and reliable wheel. but the best bit is how awesome they are to ride.

Improved compliance and comfort, quick acceleration and a fantastic ability to hold speed, these wheels give you everything you need.

And talk about bling, the high polished mirror finish of these wheels are going to add something very special to your bike.

We have selected DT Swiss Aerolite spokes for their low weight and high strength.

These wheels are hand built by Craftworx in Brisbane using their decades of expertise and amazing workshop.


Rims - H Plus Son Archetype Polished Silver Rims 28 Hole

Hubs - Sealed Bearing Custom Hubs made by Craftworx

Spokes - DT Swiss Aerolite Bladed Stainless Steel

Nipples - Brass

Hand Built by Craftworx

Weight - F - 730g R - 895g Total - 1625 grams


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