H Plus Son SL42 Rim Black, H Plus Son Australia
H Plus Son SL42 Rim Polished, H Plus Son Australia
SL42 Rim Profile, H Plus Son Australia
SL42 Rim, H Plus Son Australia

H Plus Son SL42 Rim

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H Plus Son SL42 Rim

The 42mm profile of our H Plus Son SL42 Rims was designed specifically for Track Racing and Fixie Bike applications. The SL42 is incredible stiff and strong catering for the strongest, most powerful of riders. Because of this unique design it also adapts itself perfectly to suburban riding.

The H Plus Son SL42 Rim has gone through an extensive development process ensuring maximum stiffness and aerodynamics. The proprietary G609 alloy used in our SL42 rims is formulated to be 30% stronger than that used by most other manufacturers. Pairing the hybrid alloy with the SL42's deep section design creates a rim that will carry the strongest of riders.

The brake surface is precision machined for enhanced stopping power. We anodise Black rims after machining.

Colours:  Anodised Black, Gloss White, Mirror Polished SIlver

Available in:  28 and 32 hole drilling options

Application:  Road, Track, Fixie


615 grams
G609 Alloy
42 mm
19.5 mm
28, 32
Invisible Welded
557 mm
Braking Surface:



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