H Plus Son TB14 Rim Black, H Plus Son Australia
H Plus Son TB14 Rim Grey, H Plus Son Australia
H Plus Son TB14 Rim Polished, H Plus Son Australia
TB14 Rim Profile, H Plus Son Australia
TB14 Rim, H Plus Son Australia

H Plus Son TB14 Rim

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H Plus Son TB14 Rim

The H Plus Son TB14 design was inspired by classic box rims originating from the steel frame era of competitive road cycling. Created to be both beautiful and function, the TB14 is a modern twist on a design from another era, implementing elements that give it an authentic look and then adding a few of our own design tricks to make it uniquely H Plus Son. As with all of our rims, the quality and level of finish is unmatched, attention to detail is everything.

Function and ride quality are every bit as important as form. To improve ride quality, handling and overall strength, the TB14 is made from our patented G609 hybrid alloy and joined using our invisible weld system. Double eyelets are used to reinforce and further strengthen the rim. Combining a low profile box section with a wider 23mm rim platform provides the torsional stiffness and power transfer we expect from modern wheels while maintaining the smooth flowing ride quality the original rim designs were renowned for. The brake surface is precision machined for enhanced stopping power. We anodise the rims after machining to maintain the originality and look from that era.

To maintain era correctness, we offer the TB14 in Anodised Grey, Anodised Black and Mirror polished finishes.

Colours:  Anodised Grey, Anodised Black, Mirror Polished Silver

Available in:  28, 32 and 36 hole drilling options

Application:  Road, Track, Fixie


490 grams
G609 Alloy
14.1 mm
23 mm
28, 32, 36
Invisible Welded
610 mm
Braking Surface:


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